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//tango [03 Aug 2004|08:47am]

[ mood | artistic ]

tangoCollapse )

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a taste of me! [02 Aug 2004|03:56pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

currently saved on my computer as 'something, perhaps' AKA untitledCollapse )

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with love from the admin [02 Aug 2004|11:42am]

alright, poets. there are now officially three, count them, three of us. we are a brilliant and gorgeous trio of creativity.

at any rate, some news:

01. in light of recent events, i have become the sole administrator of this community. this shouldn't really change much, but i just wanted to let current and future members know that a stamp is only valid if it is received from sinking_ships

02. because one of our three enlightened members, poeticslut, has a similar community in the works, i think we should discuss taking our community in a different direction. however, this sort of aim would be best accomplished with more than three members. that being said, start thinking about specific goals we could have as a community that would differentiate us.

03. also on the horizon --- as soon as we reach about a dozen members, an additional administrator position will become available (because hopefully the community will be expanding chaotically and exponentially by that point. ha. ha.)

04. please feel free to share any new poetry at any time. seriously. even though only two people would be able to officially critique your work, it would still give us something to do over here.

05. promotion has never and will never be a requirement to join this community. but --- we have three members. i've tried to promote on one of my other usernames, but alcortz has generously offered to continue the promotion. thank you, and be sure to mention this community to any brooding artist in your tangible or online circle of contact.

thanks guys, let's keep this rocking and rolling!
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all art is quite useless [01 Aug 2004|12:13am]

[ mood | creative ]

will you be my victim?Collapse )

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hi! [30 Jul 2004|02:48pm]

[ mood | awake ]

poet insideCollapse )

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bienvenue. [25 Jul 2004|10:03pm]

i'm hoping this will be a dynamic community. please be sure to read all of the rules and fill out your application completely if you do indeed apply. promotion would be nice, but is not necessary.
thanks, meli the administrator
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